Jeff Anton P.E. is a Licensed Sewall Engineer

– A seawall is a structure separating land and water areas. A seawall is designed to prevent coastal erosion and other damage due to wave action and storm surge, such as flooding. Seawalls are normally very massive structures because they are designed to resist the full force of waves and storm surge.



Trust an Experienced Qualified Engineer for your Seawall Project

Trust Jeff Anton, Professional Engineer for designs with integrity and longevity.  Our experience in design, construction and repair strategies provide you with a strong quality project you expect for the lowest possible cost.  Our advanced computer modeling techniques make sure you have a robust design without overspending.  We also make sure no one is ‘cutting corners’ at your expense. Should you need revitalization, we have the knowledge and skill to provide the most cost-effective approaches within the myriad of environmental rules and regulations.

Our Seawall Work

Our team will head down to your location and inspect your property through a complete review.  If needed, you can also count on us to do modifications on your seawalls and docks. Once we’re done, we will provide signed and sealed blueprints. These engineered designs are required by the state and federal government before your contractors get to work.

We permit through:

US Army Corp of Engineers™

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

National Marine Fisheries

Local Planning and Zoning Entities

Local Environmental Agencies

Who Would Call Us Seawall

Building contractors, as well as home and business owners, should turn to our services. You can be sure that our experience will create an optimized seawall or dock design at a price you can afford.  Whether you need to submit a dock building design or replace a damaged seawall, you can count on us.  We also provide seawall inspections and dock inspections, a must for anyone who has just bought a waterfront property.

Jeff Anton P.E. offers seawall & dock inspections and seawall & dock design.  He is a licensed engineer and can be reached at (772) 291-8177

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