You Need an Inspection for your hard-earned Investment from a Professional Engineer

Only trust an inspection from a qualified experienced Professional Engineer to inspect your seawall and dock.  Get peace of mind from licensed Professional Engineer Jeff Anton.  A new seawalls can cost $25,000 – $100,000. Save costly surprises in the future by knowing what you have today.

Reliable Assessments

You are buying a home worth HOW MUCH?  Your seawall is worth $20,000 to $100,000.  Know about your seawall or dock before you buy it.  

Save thousands of dollars in surprise seawall and dock repairs by scheduling an inspection with us. We will do a detailed inspection of your waterfront structures.  After that, we will prepare a comprehensive report that discusses structural integrity, as well as recommendations to improve your property.  We need only 24 to 48 hours to get these done.

Your Report Will Include:

  • Results of our inspections
  • Review of building and environmental permit files as they are available
  • Opinions of cost of any modifications, repairs or replacements

Quick Applications

Spare yourself from the inconvenience of securing a building permit with our help. The government requires these whenever renovations take place. We review your permit history, which shows the time the building was built. You may access this online for your convenience. 

Why Choose Us

Our company has been designing and building seawalls and docks for many years.  All of our work is by an experienced Professional Engineer, licensed by the state of Florida. Rest assured that you understand all that is involved with owning waterfront property. Know or avoid potential costs of repair or replacement with a seawall or dock inspection.


  • Licensed Professional Engineer
  • We are paid for our knowledge of these structures, we are independent of contractors and are not going to ‘sell you’ on unnecessary repairs or replacement.  We advise you!
  • Experienced in engineering and permitting hundreds Seawalls and Docks throughout Florida
  • Understands environmental rules and regulations
  • Overseen numerous repairs and construction of Seawalls and Docks
  • All assessments are unbiased
  • Recommendations based on engineering judgement
  • Experience with FDEP & USACE

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